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My career as a graphic designer was interesting, but I have always painted and attended art classes. My education includes: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Phila., PA; Hussian School of Art, Phila., PA; Bachelor of Arts in English and Associate of Arts in Business Admin-istration, Immaculata College; Graphic Design at the University of the Arts; and dance at The Metropolitan Opera Ballet School.


When I go out painting, I travel to the woods, to a park, or around the corner. I love being outside and Nature’s colors and shapes motivate me to paint.
Cezanne said paint what you know, so for me, it’s mainly the Delaware Valley area. Ashbridge Park in Bryn Mawr, PA is my Mt. St. Victoire. I use oil, watercolor and pastel.
Different mediums have specific benefits. Happy accidents happen with watercolor. Paint flows and hills and valleys appear to make the painting more interesting than the view. The brilliant color of pastel gives instant gratification. Pushing oil paint around to find an interesting picture is liberating. At home, I add what the pictures need. Inside, I also enjoy painting people and colorful still-lifes.

In addition to studying Art in high school, I took typing and shorthand classes for self-support in NYC, where I studied ballet. When my career choice was ballet, I felt good from the endorphins produced by exercise. Now, I hike to my spot and stand in the field for en plein air landscape painting.